Fire-retardantcoatings play an important role in the safe operation of public and industrial objects.
Their types and types are adapted to the different required conditions.

Water-based, foaming emulsion coating for the fire protection of steel structures. As a result of fire (or heat), it can expand (foam) to a coal layer hundredfold of the original thickness. This coal foam protects the underlying steel surface due to the insulating properties from excessive warming, in accordance with the limit value of fire resistance (th) in the indicated standard.

Fund preparation: manual or machine cleaning and the removal of grease, dust or loose particles.

Rusty metal surfaces must be grinded or the surface rust must be removed with sand spreading, then carefully dusted and painted with anti-corrosion primer. Suitable primers:  INVER 31815 1K anti-corrosion primer, or CT 113 2K Epoxy primer 40-60 μm layer thickness/layer. At spraying, at least two layer that are perpendicular to each other must be applied by airless spray. For small surfaces, the application can happen with roller or brush with long brush strokes. Apply the second layer in 90 ° direction compared to the other. Drying times in the work area depend on film thickness, ambient temperature, environmental humidity and other environmental conditions. According to the required protection(R 30, R 45, R 60) the necessary thickness depends on the steel profile and the thermal load (critical temperature).  Film thickness is dependent on these parameters MSZ EN 13381-4 and MSZ 14800-1 in Hungary. Application and operating conditions are extremely different. We cannot accept any warranty claim from the user regarding the use of the product. In order to exploit all advantages of the present product a preliminary, accurate test is highly recommended.