We, Employees of Színvonal-Bau Kft. aim to achieve the satisfaction and acknowledgement of our customers through systematized, deliberately organized qualitative work which results in the positive vision, existence and security of our staff.



You give substantial consideration to choosing a construction firm? Making your decision is not easy at all if you emphasize high quality work since the market is saturated.

Differences between construction firms

What makes an enterprise outstanding from the multitude of construction companies is the number of years spent in profession and consequently the professional experience and know-how. It is essential for our employees to have appropriate qualification.

Beyond construction services

Nowadays it is useful to be multi-faceted because meeting the growing demands also requires it. What does this mean for construction companies? Not only do they carry out construction tasks, but their activities are increasingly beyond this.

Our company, Színvonal-Bau Kft. meets all the criteria above. We have been working in the construction industry for 20 years and are home in many areas: we deal with surface cleaning, corrosion protection and we confidently use special industrial coatings that may even be unknown to others. We use high-quality, first class coatings in aspects of corrosion protection and environmental protection, thus supporting our partners with long-term solutions.

If painting and locksmith work becomes actual in a project, you can likewise count on our company, as our well-trained specialists are proficient in external thermal insulation and painting in addition to interior painting.

Our range of services are very wide: among our colleagues there are technicians with tinplate qualification present as likely as specialists of other fields, so we also undertake work in this direction besides accepting requests for industrial thermal insulation.


Working gear for even greater service

Our company’s also leading in earthwork (both mechanical and manual). The Unimog U400 slope mowers, chopper and gauge cutting machines at our disposal make it possible to provide safe access to industrial sites such as oil or gas wells, or to take part in the maintenance of motorways.

With the Ferris, Rasant, Oleomac and Stihl machines in our possession we perform high quality services and activities for our customers.

The role of quality in the activity of Színvonal-Bau Kft.

Our company operates in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 international standards and OHSAS 18001: 2007 system standards. System certificates (SCC / VCA = security certification of contractors) that are widespread among the construction companies prove that the company complies with the safety, health and environmental requirements of the system.

These certificates have also been acquired by our company and, as we’re committed to quality and safety, we consider it binding in the future.

Uniqueness among construction companies

Our team, Színvonal-Bau Kft., is well-known among the trusted companies for our employees possessing the unshakable, confident expertise and material knowledge. As a result, the customer’s ideas are completely materialized.

During our operation such things like our offering a material for our customers which they haven’t even heard of has already happened. We’re constantly gathering information and train ourselves in our field of expertise, so that we can meet the needs of our customers most effectively with revolutionary solutions.

Development is essential

Our company is developing dynamically: we are proud of our old, satisfied partners and gladly welcome new projects. In addition to many of our regular clients (MOL, MVM, Vabeko Kft., Stihl Went Eger Kft., Atis Co. Ltd., Technoszer Kft.) we are constantly striving to achieve efficient cooperation with our new customers as well.

Színvonal-Bau Kft. is renowned and can be of great authority among construction companies thanks to it’s always promising and high quality work.

If we can help you with our services, feel free to contact us!



Workmanship and services performed and delivered by the deadline in an economical way and according to the expectations of our customers with added value to them.