Nowadays, insulation materials are found in almost every industrial plant in the world. Insulation that is being used in the industry is called “technical insulation”. Reducing heat loss which is based on an insulation of economically optimal thickness.

  • Protection of persons by reducing the surface temperature of the equipment,
  • Protection of persons and equipment in case of fire,
  • Noise reduction,
  • Thermoregulation for to ensure the conditions for industrial processes,
  • Protection against condensation inside the pipelines.

We design the most suitable insulating products for each application method according to the requirements of the functions mentioned here. We use Rockwool Armaflex, Conti Thermo protect materials typically with aluminum cover.
The most important property of insulating materials used in industry is the thermal protection of the technical equipment, the reduction of heat loss and the heat emission of the equipment.
Many devices have a surface of high temperature, therefore, for their heat protection insulating materials must be used which are appropriate for the operating conditions.
The thickness of the insulation is usually designed from the perspective of maximizing economic savings or protecting the personnel around the equipment (which means the surface temperature of the device).
The design of the insulation system depends on the temperature of the fluid, the size of the tank and thesurrounding influencing factors. Every type of jacketing must enable the wire to move. The expansion indicator of aluminum is approximately twice as high as that of steel. The surface temperature of the casing is increased by direct sunlight, decreased by rain and cold weather. Therefore, there is significant difference between the expansion of the casing and the wire. The unwanted effects of expansion differences can be eliminated by the moving fit of the casing.