General implementation is a construction concept. At general implementation the builder entrusts the contractor with renovation or a construction project. In this case, the client has nothing to do with the work.
The client only needs to be in contact with the contractor’s manager.

The task of the general contractor is to carry out the renovation or construction smoothly. Supplying building materials, organizing workflows and meeting quality requirements. Upon completing the construction or renovation the general contractor  gives guarantee for the contractor. Thus, in the case of a warranty problem there will be no need to search for the one who is responsible, because it is the contractor’s responsibility to fix the mistake.

Advantages of general implementation

The client has no problem with the construction. In the case of a quality problem there is somebody whom the client can turn to.

What is the biggest advantage of a general
contracting company?

The only person whom the builder needs to keep contact with is the general contractor’s representative and doesn’t have to know the sequence of different workflows, moreover coordinating professionals is also the general contractor’s task. The general contractor carries out all workflows with its own quality requirements, specialists meeting the relevant standard requirements or with subcontractors and suppliers through partner relations.

In the case of this form of construction, the quality or warranty complaints that may arise after the transfer are handled by the general contractor.